Rig designed by Sydney Asselin. Designed & Programmed by Bridget Doherty on MA2 PC, Capture.

Rig designed, modeled, and programmed by Bridget Doherty on Eos, Capture. 

As You Like It
Director: Peter Andersen
Scenic Design: Samantha Pollack
Costume Design: Mitch Jacobs
Lighting Design: Sasha Finley
Asst. Lighting Design: JD Hopper
Sound Design: Peter Burns
Eos Programmer: Bridget Doherty

Rig designed by Sydney Asselin. Sequence prevized & designed by Bridget Doherty on Capture, Hog4, 2022.

Programmed on Eos for Design For the Stage - Lighting, 2020

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